About Seven Clicks

‘’The journey is it's own reward’’

Wikipedia is primarily used for quick fact checking on a topic of interest. In my own creative practice I like to start at one page and then explore the endless number of linked pages. Using this methodology I end up learning about subjects I previously knew nothing about or had searched for previously. Relating these 'encounters of knowledge' back to the initial topic of interest, allows me to broaden my view on the matter and helps me find original solutions and ideas.

The website Sevenclicks.org is a creative research tool, which highlights these surprising connections and combines them into one interface. Driven by your own curiosity every step is a choice that leads you further on your journey. The result is a glossary, your pathway, containing seven chosen topics, which can then be saved or shared with others. Visit Sevenclicks and explore the vast of connected knowledge that Wikipedia provides.

Sevenclicks.org is a an ongoing project that can grow with your usage, participation and feedback - for ideas and critique feel free to contact me at hello@sevenclicks.org .